It all started with my daughters’ lunch.

My husband and I were packing healthy lunches for our kids, only to find that we were being undermined by the school’s offerings of junk food with no nutritional value. It made me angry. So I decided to do something about it. I made a movie.

Along with the movie, we’ve assembled some tools that will help you create change in your school district. Now our goal is to grow from two to two million angry moms.

Join us! Your kids will thank you!


Seen the Movie?  Now You Can Get the Book!

You asked for it! Tools, templates, regulations, contracts, curriculum, sample policies, surveys, success stories, advocacy and much more.

“Alas! Kalafa doesn’t leave us defenseless. She’s got a whole
slew of things we can do to fight back, if we care to do more
than just gripe.” – World of Psychology


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Better Together Offer

better-together-lgRachel Khanna is the researcher behind the Food Fact pages for the Learning Center on our website. In Live, Eat, Cook Healthy, she provides in-depth information about how to choose the most nutritious and sustainable natural foods available. From the uncluttered graphic design to the gorgeous world-market photography and the simple and clear one-page recipes, every detail of the book reflects Rachel’s philosophy of food that is both delicious and healthy. This cookbook is one that will spend more time on your kitchen countertop than on a bookshelf.

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