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A few people have contacted us to say while they love our mission of better school food, they don’t love our movie title, Two Angry Moms. It seems that some folks are put off by the word “angry”. Here’s a short explanation as to why we call ourselves “angry moms”. ¬†Anger is a misunderstood emotion in our culture. Especially when it comes to women, we are told from childhood that “nice girls don’t get angry” and that conditioning persists into adulthood. ¬†Many people associate anger with aggression and violence, but that is only one way to react to feeling angry.

Anger is often about boundaries. When our boundaries get violated, we get angry. It’s a great feedback mechanism. As a mom with three kids in school, I get a bit angry when my kids are exposed to unhealthy food. It undermines what I’m trying to do at home to make sure my kids grow up healthy. Think of a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s a protective sort of anger.

I’ve been working to improve school food for over 10 years. That “anger” often works as fuel to keep me moving forward to help make school food better. My hope is that other parents who aren’t too pleased about the food and junk food rewards their kids receive at school will be inspired by the film to take action in their own schools.

If you’re not angry about what is being served in your kid’s school, maybe you ought to be! Have lunch with your child one day. Take a look around at what is being served and what is being eaten. Check in with your gut and see what you feel!

A film’s title has to grab your attention and make you curious. Names like “Making School Food Healthier” just aren’t sexy enough to draw a crowd. If you have any clever suggestions, we’d love to hear them. When you read about “two angry moms” it paints an interesting image that draws you in and makes you wonder what they are up to!

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