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2011 August – Order the Book Lunch Wars, Meet Author Amy Kalafa on Book Tour, New Networking Site Development, Farm Bill 2012, Angry Moms of the Month Nancy Easton and Bill Telepan of Wellness in the Schools

2011 June – It’s a Book! – Lunch Wars, Angry Moms of the Month Patricia Messer and Heidi Williams of Salt Lake City


2010 Fall – Spanish Edition DVD, Success Stories, The Six Cents (more for school food), Great Grant, Hot Link for Cool Kids, More Studies, Advertise with Us, Write a Review, Angry Mom of the Month Liz Snyder

2010 April – Advertise with Us, Child Nutrition Act, Grow our Social Network, Michele Obama, Soda Tax


2010 April – Advertise with Us, Child Nutrition Act, Grow our Social Network, Michele Obama, Soda Tax

2009 August – Free Licensing – Recession Concession, Social Network

2009 Summer – Local Update, School Food Trust Visit, Angry Moms of the Month: Marblehead, MA Moms

2009 February – White Paper on School Food Policy, Angry Mom of the Month: Margaret Lamb, Saratoga Springs Food Service Director

2009 January – Angry Dad Whistle Blower: Bob Pritsker, Angry Mom of the Month: Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth Media


2008 December – Licensing Simplification, Online Shopping Affiliates

2008 Winter – Conference Edition Available Now, Group Discounts and Multiple Screening Licensing, Amy’s Blog – My Beef with School Food, Angry Mom of the Month: Robyn O’Brien, Allergy Kids
2008 October – Feature Length Version DVD Available on Website, Equal Exchange Sponsorship, 2 to 2 Million Pledge, Angry Mom of the Month: Tony Geraci, Baltimore FSD
2008 August – Screening Fees Reduced, 2nd Annual School Lunch-In, Angry Moms of the Month: Atlanta Children’s Wellness Network, New Video: Our Family Our Food

2008 May – New Screening Licenses, Screening Fees Reduced, Angry Mom of the Month: Dorothy Brayley, Kids First Rhode Island, Better School Food Update


2007 November – DVD’s Available Now, Food Tees Sponsorship, Angry Mom of the Month: Beth Loveridge, Port Angeles, Washington

2007 October – Dot Orgs Response to Proposed Federal Legislation
2007 September – Exclusive Preview in Your Neighborhood, School Food in Japan, Bioneers By the Bay, Angry Moms of the Month:Trista Butler and her mom Teri
2007 Fall – National School Lunch-In Week, Pre-Release Screenings, Angry Mom of the Month: Kathy Anich, Kindergarten Aide

2007 August – National School Lunch-In, Host a Screening, Grow the Movement, Angry Mom of the Month: Judy Shasek, teacher and grandma, Teleconference
2007 May West Coast Tour – Savory Thymes Marin Fundraiser, Berkeley Event, Concord Event
2007 April – Distribution Plans, Press Kit, America’s Best and Worst School Food, Music Video Premiere, Angry Mom of the Month: Catherine from Illinois, Letter Campaign
2007 February – Dixie Chicks Grammy Winning Theme Song for Two Angry Moms, PR and Event Planner Call Out, Cool Tools , News From UK, Coalition Building, Angry Mom of the Month: Meme Roth, National Action Against Obesity


2006 Holidays – Fundraising Auction, Good Morning America Feedback

2006 December – Good Morning America Alert, Auction Announcement

2006 September – Coalition Building, Back to School, Charity Buzz Auction, School Food in the News, See Change – View Movie Clips

2006 Summer – Movie Update – ask for donations, New Video Clip, Student Op Ed, School Food Report Card

2006 May – Why Angry? Essay, Gift Exchange, Edible Education – Film Update, Nutrition Policy

2006 March – How You Can Help, Call Out For Kids, Federal Wellness Committee Mandate, Sponsor – Integrative Nutrition

2006 Winter – Website Announcement, Angry Moms on the Road, Casting Call, Fiscal Sponsor – Marion Institute, Sixty to One – Film Shot / Used Ratio, Two to Two Million – Angry Moms Campaign



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